Sunday, October 24, 2004

Corporate Life Cycle

I am a fan of Adizes' model for the corporate life cycle. In his book Corporate Lifecycles, he describes four categories of roles that each executive should have reporting to him or her, in order to bring good conflict to the table that can be used for good decision making. The four roles are PAEI:

Performing. In software product development, this is most of what we think about the business; viz creating code which provides a value which translates to money.

Administering. These roles provide predictability, repeatability, quality in what you work on today.

Entrepreneuring. These roles ensure the long term success of your business, looking ahead to what you need to do in the future.

Integrating. These roles are also long term, making sure that you can afford to work on what you need to in the future.

The essence of the model is that you can predict how an organization will perform based on how well balanced these roles are. It is a fascinating read.

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