Sunday, November 18, 2007

Innovation Management modeled like the Internet

The Nov 15 issue of CIO magazine interviews Gary Hamel about innovation management. He says that our management skills are mostly tuned for efficiency, and that isn't what we need to focus on any more. Efficiency is about conformity, whereas innovation is about diversity. He also says that what management needs to do now is model the Internet: amplify and aggregate human capabilities. Moreover the best skill we can encourage for innovation is that of being a contrarian - challenge industry dogma. He's got a book he's promoting, The Future of Management, which undoubtedly goes deeper in these area.

Sounds promising, and I like the thinking. My only caveat so far is that if you don't have your efficiencies under control, eventually you won't have any resources or assets to spend on innovation. So don't lose sight of the blocking and tackling.

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