Monday, September 17, 2007

Measurement Constructs

I've been learning about the methods used by the PSM group, which is detailed in their reference book here. One of the concepts is what they term a Measurement Construct. It's a graphical structure that shows how you go from an Attribute to an Information Product. At first the whole thing seemed very intuitive, but the structure helps you consider all the aspects of metrics. What are we trying to learn, how should we present what we know, how we should gather the data, and in what ways can combine data for more information.

The relevant terms are:

Attribute: a property or characteristic
Base Measure: a single independent measure of an attribute
Derived Measure: a function of two or more base or derived measures
Indicator: a measure for presentation which enables evaluation of an attribute

It's kind of a dry read but I think most software and system organizations I have worked with would benefit from some of its discipline.

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