Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Innovation Test

I'm not sure if this is ridiculous or interesting, but I stumbled over a tool, put together by IBM Global Services, which portends to assess your organization's innovation strategy and benchmark it against 750 other companies. I rated a former employer and ... surprise... we didn't score really well. The assessment tool raises more questions than it answers, in my mind; and no doubt this is a tool to get you to hire IBM consultants to help raise your innovation. Well... let me rephrase that... to create an innovation strategy.

The tool is here:

but I'm going to make a broad claim here and see if it sticks. Innovation is less about a strategy and more about a culture. You have to look beyond the short term, make sure people are not overwhelmed with the day-to-day things, so they have enough time to think about making long term things better. And of course reward the behaviors that support innovating. Now that I've said that, maybe I'm doing the same thing as the survey. I'm just as trite... and I didn't have to survey 750 CEOs to get there.


dariana said...

is this tool still avaliable?

Jeffrey Anderson said...

I'm not sure. You can see it on archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20100206085349/http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/gbs/bus/html/gbs_ceo_iat.html?re=schome

Then maybe use some of the text as search terms to see if they moved it or actually removed it.