Sunday, February 18, 2007

A change tool: ADKAR

I was considering a potential assignment and rummaging through my toolbox, when I recalled an acronym: ADKAR. I don't recall where I originally learned it. It is a diagnostic tool to help you figure out how far along a change an organization is, and what remains to be done.

(A)wareness is present if people are aware that a change needs to be made.

(D)esire is present if people want to change the status quo.

(K)nowledge is present if the people know how to change it and get to the new state.

(A)bility is present if the people are actually able to work on making the change -- including but not limited to (for example) being given enough time to do so.

(R)einforcement is present if there are positively reinforcing reasons to keep the new state.

It's compellingly simple on the surface. The hard part is really who are the "people"? An organization generally will have some people with each of these attributes at any given time. A stakeholder analysis will help here, but I think there is a momentum factor as well. As you progress down ADKAR, you have to line the influencers up and gain momentum with everyone involved.

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ADKAR was developped by the people at

Another good acronym that I like to se is RATER